About CPU


Who we are

Headquartered in Lombard Street, EC3 – the heart of the world’s leading insurance market – CPU Group Limited are a leading provider of warranty finance and insurance solutions and schemes with a speciality of supporting e-commerce systems in education finance and insurance, innovative insurance and finance product development, data management, handling and reporting, GAP, Misappropriation, All Risks and warranty insurance.

As a result we are able to place and manage most insurance and finance risks in computer retailing. We currently handle in excess of 8 million policies and transactions for the finance and insurance industry and provide white label and affinity programmes.


Our Mission

The core purpose of the CPU Group is to provide the following for our clients and their customers:

  • Security for total peace of mind
  • Protection and risk reduction
  • Reduce cost and management on IT
  • Affordable solutions
  • Learning and education
  • Dedicated deployment and accessible support


Our Passion

Quality customer service is recognised as the most important attributes of the company. This is apparent in the care and attention given to each supplier and customer, not only at the inception of the relationship, but on an on-going basis, day in and day out.

The management ensures that, not only does it fully understand the products that it is offering to suppliers, but that it also understands the business of those suppliers. This ensures that the products are tailored to meet the needs of suppliers and their customers.

For these reasons, we believe CPU is the only choice for your finance and insurance partner.