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Our mission: End the ‘digital divide’ by bringing affordable computing to every student in Europe.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Learning Technology (ILT) is a core component of learning and teaching in today’s modern curriculum. Austerity measures placed upon Local Authorities and Municipalities has meant that continued investment in new school owned equipment is likely to decrease as budgets get tighter. As a result, exploring how innovative and creative solutions can address the shortfall is essential if the same benefits of increased ICT access are to be offered to future learners.

Our solution

Our complete and customizable solution is designed to address this modern-day challenge, and could be the answer in helping to address the funding shortfall and also help to bridge the ‘digital divide’ (as reported by the BBC News in March 2010). CPU’s expertise helps schools introduce laptop finance schemes that enable all pupils to bridge the gap between school and home learning by providing an inclusive provision through their learning establishment.

Learning on the Move, at a glance:

  • Retain classroom flexibility: reduced need for computer suites
  • Retain budget control: technology funded by parents or students
  • Integrated learning experience: students take control of their learning, and the rest of their life
  • Simple administration : comprehensive, end-to-end asset management by GENIE
  • Simple buying decision: an online one-stop shop for student technology
  • Inspire your pupils with access to unparalleled resources
  • Gift aid handling capability

For further details of CPU education products, more information can be viewed here or you can contact us here.

Current LOTM Programmes


Mobile Learning

CPU's flagship Learning on the Move programme, Mobile Learning has successfully linked finance companies to many high end IT equipment suppliers, providing thousands of Laptops and Tablets to schools and colleges across the UK.

Click below to find out more information on becoming part of this programme, whether you are a Supplier, School, Parent or Student.




Les Watson


les-watson-dot-net Les Watson has provided valuable advice that has helped CPU understand the dynamics of the education sector and recent changes in the education landscape whilst helping design the insurance products for LOTM.



E-safe Protect +


features-4Today’s children are explorers in the Digital World and need protecting as they start on their journey; If you’re a parent looking to protect your child whenever they use the computer and Internet, then let e-safe Protect be both your and their guide.