Online Claims Management


Our Genie system provide a fully online claims system allowing claims to be placed, processed, tracked and reported on whenever and wherever your like. Claims are placed by the parent/student completing the process on our claims screen. Once complete, our claims team are instantly notified that the claim has been placed. The claims manager at your school is also notified who can then login to Genie to confirm the claims so the repair process can begin. We take pride in our claims turnaround time which is governed by a strict SLA that you can view here.

As part of our extensive claims system we provide real-time claims tracking as well as a host of online claims reports.

However the most useful and informative feature we have in this area is our claims dashboard, providing you with various comparisons, summaries and charts of all claims placed, allowing you to analyse your claim data to discover where devices are most at risk on you programme and what type of incident is most common. We also provide comparisons on the amount of premium you have paid and the incurred cost of claims, allowing you to see exactly how your premium is being used. Below is an example of the claims dashboard:

Claims Dashboard Example

Current LOTM Programmes


Mobile Learning

CPU's flagship Learning on the Move programme, Mobile Learning has successfully linked finance companies to many high end IT equipment suppliers, providing thousands of Laptops and Tablets to schools and colleges across the UK.

Click below to find out more information on becoming part of this programme, whether you are a Supplier, School, Parent or Student.




Les Watson


les-watson-dot-net Les Watson has provided valuable advice that has helped CPU understand the dynamics of the education sector and recent changes in the education landscape whilst helping design the insurance products for LOTM.



E-safe Protect +


features-4Today’s children are explorers in the Digital World and need protecting as they start on their journey; If you’re a parent looking to protect your child whenever they use the computer and Internet, then let e-safe Protect be both your and their guide.