Financiers - How Does Genie Help?


Our GENIE system forms the backbone of CPU and our 1:1 learning programmes. Almost as old as CPU itself Genie is a web-browser based system that provides a central platform for finance houses, suppliers, schools, insurers and repairers to interact, an essential part of our capabilities to provide seamless and efficient programmes and services to our clients.

Below is an overview of the useful tools and features that a finance user can expect in Genie:

  • Secure online system with a 99% uptime record
  • Upload an manage your rates anywhere, anytime
  • Rates are kept secured and are not disclosed to anyone without express permission from the finance house. This promise is backed by SLAs and NDAs
  • Capabilities for Monthly/Quarterly rates, finance/operational rates, residual values, residual value lease rate factors and different ratings for equipment value ranges
  • Lease schedule management system
  • Reseller management tools*
  • School management tools including asset management, programme performance tools and claims performance tools*
  • Advanced quoting tool that ties in your finance rates to the other costs of a 1:1 learning programme
  • Run quotes yourself, view quotes generated using your companies rates or download quote progression reports to review the progress of previous quotes

* School/Reseller management tools are available if applicable. This level of management is optional and you can choose just to use our existing panel of suppliers if preferred