GENIE - Disaster Recovery


As GENIE manages such a large volume of very important data it is essential that our system and our databases are protected as much as possible. No effort has been spared to ensure that this is achieved using the following methods:

  • Genie runs on a server at a London based ISP. This server is continuously backed up to a second server using Double Take Availability, meaning that should a failure occur, switching to an alternate server is near instantaneous and GENIE downtime is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Additional backups are taken of the server databases daily
  • Additionally data is backed up once per week to a remote backup site in West Wales. From there weekly backups are made to tape and stored in a fire resistant safe and stored for up to 6 months.
  • All servers themselves are high resilience with dual power supplies and RAID disk arrays so, should any single power supply or hard drive fail there should be no effect on the systems and the faulty component can be replaced while the systems continue to operate.
  • The servers are protected behind firewalls only allowing the standard web ports http and https. So the risk of anyone accessing data e.g. directly through the SQL Server database is minimised.
  • All data access is encrypted using SSL to and from the server and the client.

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