GENIE - Schools, Colleges and Universities


As a school signing up to a Learning on the Move programme, your GENIE log on will be an essential tool in helping you to stay informed on the progress your parents and students make while signing up to the programme. A useful “to do” menu will help you to keep track of tasks that need completing and combined with email reminders when an important task needs completing, you can rest assured that your Learning on the Move programme will run smoothly and efficiently.

GENIE also has a powerful reporting facility that provides easy to read monthly direct debit reports, showing payment collection details on each order. All of this information is also collected into summaries at the bottom of the report, as well as monthly breakdowns allowing you to easily manage and review the financial movement of your programme.

Some of the other benefits that will be available to you through GENIE include:

  • Browse and create reports on orders that have been received from your students/parents
  • Integrated emailing system allows you to bulk send emails to groups of users who have signed up to your program
  • Extensive document library providing important help and guidelines on all aspects of Learning on the Move ranging from general information to get you started, right down to the procedure documents and claims guides
  • A cash book to record cash/cheque/debit payments taken at your reception, whether the reason is to pay of any arrears payments or to simply pay some of their contributions up front and reduce the payment term. Receipts designed to cater for your establishment and customers’ needs are also available to keep your own records up to date
  • Track claims allowing you to follow the progress of equipment that has been sent off for repair or replacement

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