GENIE - Financiers


As a financier, GENIE is an excellent tool designed to help you effortlessly expand your client base with an array of useful features. We have already developed a number of online contact methods that allow potential schools, colleges and universities to get in touch and become part of a Learning on the Move programme.

For the next stage we have a simplistic yet powerful quoting engine that allows you to generate a quote in minutes. GENIE also has the capability to generate any required documents to go along with the quote. E.g. Cover letters, leasing figures, insurance quotes etc. The quote figures and documents can then be instantly emailed out to potential schools using our integrated emailing system.

GENIE will also provide you with a number of other useful features including:

  • Data collection forms allowing potential customers to easily get in contact. You choose where the information from these forms gets sent to, allowing you to keep track of the latest new developments for your programme and also react quickly to new customer requests
  • Intelligent search systems allow you to easily keep track of schools/colleges/universities that you have signed up, as well as any orders that have been placed under any of the programmes you manage.
  • Useful "to do" menu highlighting any outstanding tasks to help keep your programmes running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Integrated email system and document generation systems allowing you to email information and documents straight from GENIE.
  • Extensive document library providing help files for your employees and guides and information packs for your customers

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