GENIE - Insurers


The original need for the design and development of GENIE was to cater for the finance and insurance market and over the years this has always remained our main focus. This has allowed us to create a robust, intelligent insurance and claims handling system crafted from the knowledge of our finance and insurance experts at CPU as well as feedback and suggestions from our clients.

One of the key advantages that sets GENIE apart from other systems is our open book policy and real time data generation. A lot of other systems will hide important data, and only provide you with the bare minimum figures, only when they have to, e.g. monthly or 90 day reports. CPU view things differently allowing you 24/7 access to all the data that is available. Our dynamic reporting system allows you to generate reports based on specifications and date ranges that you choose, allowing you to access accurate and up to date information, as and when you need it.

If you decide to become part of GENIE, you will soon discover just how easy managing your insurance contracts can be. We have a versatile system in place that allows various methods of adding customers, including manually adding insurance contracts, secure online ordering systems and various methods of importing customer details using (but not limited to) spread sheets. Any method you choose is linked up to our insurance engine allowing the automatic creation of insurance policies and any relevant documentation.

Invoicing is also catered for, allowing invoices to be raised against individual claims as and when they come in. This is a very flexible system that allows multiple insurance claims to be batched under one invoice. Once created, there are a number of options to keep track of the progress of the invoice including a status logging system to record important information such as when the invoice has been cleared for payment, if the invoice is on hold/cancelled and when the invoice has been paid. GENIE also as capabilities to create remittance advice on paid invoices.

An extensive set of reporting facilities is available which are all generated dynamically when you want to run the report, giving you an accurate and up to date view of your insurance policies. We offer various reports including:

  • Insurance Policy Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Claims Reports
  • Accounts Reports
  • Fault Reports

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