GENIE - Maintainers


GENIE is perfect for maintainers looking to expand their business as registering within our GENIE database will instantly connect you to our expansive selection of suppliers, financiers, insurers and tens of thousands of insurance policies.

Our unique claims handling system was originally designed in 1995 and since then has and is being constantly improved from the valuable feedback we receive from our users and our own in house experts. The claims system has an integrated emailing system at various key points during the claims process, allowing smooth communications between yourself and the company administering the claim, providing efficient and timely processing. Our open book policy ensures that you have access to all available data relating to your company. Your GENIE login will also give you access to live data, giving you an up to date view of repair jobs in progress.

A useful history and status logging system will allow you to easily keep track of all repairs and also allow you to record comments and notes relating to the repair. Any feedback provided by the customer is also recorded giving you an overview of the repairs coordinated between yourself and CPU

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