GENIE - Suppliers


As a supplier for one of our Learning on the Move programmes, GENIE will be one of your most useful assets, allowing you to set up programmes for schools within minutes and creating hundreds of orders within a matter of days with little to no effort required, all tracked extensively along with email prompts when the equipment is ready to be dispatched.

GENIE aims to take on as much of the work as possible by providing online school sign up forms, email prompts to save you having to log in continually to check the programmes you have running, and powerful reporting allowing you to easily manage orders placed through our system. We also take this same care with your end clients, ensuring that we reduce their work load as much as possible too, as well as making sure everything runs smoothly so there are no delays for them receiving their equipment, providing you with a satisfied customer base.

CPU also provide various types of competitive insurance packages including the ever popular and useful accidental damage and theft, providing your customers with the confidence that should anything happen to their equipment it is fully backed by a repair or replacement facility.

Some other benefits you can expect from using GENIE:

  • Upload your company logo and web address, which will be displayed to any customers signing up to your programme. We also create a unique link containing your company name that you can hand out to educational establishments interested in signing up
  • Effortlessly generate leasing and insurance quotes, and email all the required documents to potential schools using our integrated emailing system
  • Powerful reporting on schools/colleges/universities that you have signed up, including data on parents/students that have signed up and placed orders
  • Search function to show insurance policies that your customers have taken out
  • The ability to add new insurance claims on your customers behalf, or look up the status of current claims
  • GENIE is also used by our claims team and substantial list of maintainers, ensuring that claims are processed quickly and efficiently
  • Ability to register as a maintainer of equipment, subject to terms. Please contact us for more information
  • An extensive document library providing all the information you need to get started with a Learning on the Move program, from advertising material for potential school, to guides on the processes within GENIE.

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