GENIE Information


What is GENIE?

Here at CPU we knew from the start that our prime task was to take the risk out of and add greater value to computer finance and retailing. We also wanted a system that incorporates our open book policy and live reporting, giving users unrestricted access to the data we store for them and also providing accurate and up to date reports as and when they are needed. That’s why we created Genie (Global Engineering Network Insurance Engine).

The Genie system was developed to satisfy our vision for sophisticated, web-based automated workflow systems to facilitate asset finance and insurance designed to meet the most rigorous standards of reporting and forms the backbone of our clients business. It is a core asset, unique in the business and essential to our success.

Genie provides complete transparency for fine-classing of risks, leading to confident sustainable pricing. CPU has provided white label systems to the insurance and finance industry and designs cutting edge financial solutions with supporting insurance to provide I.T into the Education sector and Corporates and also manages complex partnerships necessary to fulfil these programs with expert knowledge on sales dynamics from conception to delivery. We provide these solutions primarily for the asset finance, computer hardware and insurance sector and supporting systems therefore enhancing bottom line profitability for our clients.

Written in ASP and backed by Microsoft SQL Server, GENIE is an extremely reliable, secure and versatile system capable of being integrated into other systems, either directly or using tailor made import and export systems. Daily backups ensure your data is protected at all times, even against unpredictable problems such as hardware failure or natural disasters. If you would like a more technical overview on how our data is kept backed up and secure please click here.

GENIE’s popularity outside of CPU is fast growing, having been licensed as a white label system in the U.S. to manage hundreds of Suppliers, thousands of Maintainers and millions of insurance policies. GENIE is also currently being used in conjunction with our popular Mobile Learning programme to launch products in France and Germany. Using this unique centralised IT, insurance and finance system, already this year CPU has helped sell over 87,000 new policies (First quarter 2013, combined total in UK and US).

There are too many benefits to using our systems for us to be able to list them all however below are some key aspects of GENIE that set us apart from the competition, whether you are a financier, reseller, insurer maintainer or educational establishment.

  • Secure logins and comprehensive asset management system – all fully managed via an unique and secure online portal.
  • Add, edit and manage educational establishments, suppliers, financiers, insurers and maintainers all integrated with online registration forms.
  • Secure Direct Debit payment system created under strict BACS guidelines allows secure online bank account entry forms, bank account verification (through BACS) and a robust payment collection system
  • Clear and comprehensive setup screens allow suppliers of equipment to set up an educational establishment with a Mobile Learning programme in minutes
  • An Intelligent insurance policy system handles the majority of the application set up for you. Simply import the customer and equipment details and GENIE will handle the rest
  • Recording claims is even easier with GENIE’s claims handling system. Simply select the policy that the claim will be made against and all of the required details will be added to a new claim form. Extensive status handling, logging and history capabilities allow you to keep track of the claim while its being repaired/replaced
  • Integrated email and document generation systems allow emails and documentation to be sent directly from within GENIE saving you time. Some of these emails include:
    • Quotations to schools including leasing documents, insurance quotes and cover letters
    • Direct Debit setup/welcome letters and a host of recollection emails and letters should anything go wrong
    • Email system between maintainers and GENIE administrators ensuring that claims get processed quickly and effectively
    • Various email prompts at almost all major process in GENIE that can be turned on and off at the touch of a button. These emails help keep everything running smoothly and efficiently
  • Extensive reporting abilities allowing you to get the information you require in a comprehensive format for all types of stakeholders. Some of the reports available include:
    • Order reports – perfect for schools wanting to keep track of parents/students that have placed orders or suppliers that wish to obtain summaries on equipment needing to be dispatched
    • Monthly Direct Debit reports – Dynamically created, these reports provide a breakdown of the money flow within a Learning on the Move programme over a user specified date range.
    • Insurer reports, providing data on insurance policies, policy premiums, claims reports and earned to incurred reports.