CPU Group Ltd - What we do

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CPU designs the insurance products it offers clients and is responsible for the following:

  • Writing the policy
  • Rating our products
  • Service and logistics
  • Ongoing real-time reporting to insurers and relevant stakeholders

CPU work to strict service level agreements to ensure continuing satisfaction to its clients and/or users of computer equipment.

From a regulatory perspective, CPU are an Appointed Representative of Advent Solutions Management who ensure that the ongoing regulatory compliance aspects of our business are monitored and controlled.

Advent Solutions Management are also appointed by CPU as Administrator and use CPU's insurance administration system.

CPU provides insurance and payment solutions, most recently to (but not limited to) the education market, reducing admin for schools, saving time deploying IT to their students and improving the learning experience. We have a passion for both quality and value-for-money based on 15 years of industry expertise.

We provide accidental damage and theft insurance cover using only manufacturer authorised repairers for the repair of IT equipment, primarily tablets and laptops.

We provide G.A.P and Misappropriation cover where equipment is financed to protect the lessee by settling the difference between the outstanding commitment on a lease and the equipment market value at time of claim, in the event that a user stops contributions for a device that has been returned to the lessee or a user has retained the device and stopped contributions.

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Mobile Learning

genie_mini Mobile Learning is CPU's flagship programme that was the first 1:1 Learning programme in the UK, providing affordable and sustainable technology solutions to schools. Since its inception it has grown in size and features and is still the most popular programme that we operate. Mobile Learning is a platform that all can benefit from, whether you are a school, finance house, equipment supplier, repair centre etc.


genie_mini iProtect offers a wide range of insurance options for businesses with medium to large estates of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks or Macs. Choose from options including Accidental Damage, Theft, Loss and Extended Warranty, backed by one of the worlds largest insurers and only using Apple Authorised service providers for repairs to ensure a high quality of service is provided at all times. Click more below to go to the iProtect website.

Apple Retail Stores

genie_mini Our latest addition to our insurance solution range provides Accidental Damage cover available at point of sale to retail store customers. Cover is available for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Macs and the Apple Watch. Since release in August 2015, this fast growing product is already available in 40 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Up front earnings for retailers, full seamless Genie integration from sales to back end Genie service and support for resellers who are also Authorised Service Providers. Contact us for details on our retail solutions


Powered by Genie

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CPU's Genie (Global Engineering Network Insurance Engine) is the central, secure system responsible for running our insurance and finance business. Since its creation it has been constantly revised and expanded upon to keep it up to date with the demands of a fast paced and ever changing market. Currently Genie's main use is for running our school centric learning technology programmes, providing a central hub for schools, suppliers, finance companies, insurers and repairers to communicate easily and efficiently on one system.

    The points below are just a few examples of the features that Genie currently provides:
  • A comprehensive asset management system for users to keep track of their equipment inventory.
  • Secure Direct Debit payment system created under strict BACS guidelines allows secure online bank account entry forms, bank account verification (through BACS) and a robust payment collection system.
  • Advanced claim handling system providing a clear workflow process to be used by our claims team, insurers and repairers ensuring that any claims are processed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Claims tracking so that customers stay up to date with the current progress of any claims.
  • Integrated email and document generation systems allow emails and documentation to be sent directly from within Genie.
  • Extensive reporting abilities allowing you to get the information you require in a comprehensive format for all types of stakeholders.