MyGenieApp for Parents and Students


Parents and Students using MyGenieApp will be able to view important details on their order including the current balance of their contributions as well as make and track insurance claims.

MyGenieApp Parents Menu


Contribution Features

Contribution features include viewing the personal details we have on an order and being able to see up to date contribution balance information. The app also introduces CPU's credit and debit card payment facility allowing users to make up arrears or reduce their monthly contribution amounts by making payments that are instantly reconciled against the order balance. Please note this facility is only available if enabled by the school/college.

MyGenieApp Payment Facility


Making and Tracking Claims

MyGenieApp can also be used to make claims, without the need to login. Simply download the app and enter your serial number on start-up. Once placed, the app can also be used to track the status of the claim as it progress through our repair/replacement process.