MyGenieApp for Schools and Colleges


The school and colleges side of the Genie app focuses on direct debit and claims management with emphasis on keeping the information clear and comprehensible and making managing claims simpler and more efficient.

MyGenieApp Schools Menu


Direct Debit Management

The direct debit management section provides monthly collection statements that can be toggled to display information anywhere from the start of your programme right up to the latest month.

Statements show information on collections, bounced collections and any shortfalls in contributions so issues can be identified and resolved early. Coupled with information on which orders have had bounced collections and instant in app notifications as soon as new bounced collections are received.


Claims Management

MyGenieApp gives users an intuitive system to approve new claims that have been placed online by their students or parents. The release of the app has also prompted a review of the claims approval process making it easier than ever.

MyGenieApp Claims Approval

Notifications for new claims will also ensure that you are kept up to date with new claims as they are placed.

MyGenieApp can also be used to track existing claims from the moment a claim has been placed to when the device has been returned.