Secure, Compliant Leasing


If you choose to finance the acquisition of your IT equipment, although we do not provide leasing services directly, we do have a shortlist of trusted companies that we work with who have been closely reviewed and approved to ensure they meet the regulatory requirements for our services. This is particularly important for our 1:1 learning programmes as there are much stricter guidelines when leasing to the education sector.

Our approved set of finance houses have the added benefit of being part of our central Genie system where they have the ability to enter and manage finance rates, allowing quotes from our system to include the leasing aspect of a programme.

Benefits to how we work with our selected finance houses include:

  • Approved finance houses only providing compliant leasing for the education sector
  • Agreements in place allowing us to settle Misappropriation and GAP claims should there be a shortfall on the lease
  • Finance rates are managed within Genie by the finance house, providing a seamless, hassle free service and enabling immediate quotes inclusive of leasing costs
  • Interest of the finance house is noted on the insurance policy allowing lease schedules to be automatically populated and tracked within Genie
  • Track and manage equipment and end of term dates using the Asset Management System

For our open 1:1 Learning platform, Mobile Learning you will be able to choose from our approved list of finance houses including:

G.E. Capital Logo Greg Tibbles
CHG Meridian Logo Daniel Talhadas
Econocom Logo David Cowe
Arkle Finance Limited Logo Mike Ringrose
Dell Financial Services Logo Bridie Kehoe
Maxxia Steve Bellamy

Please use the contact details provided if you have any questions relating to the finance aspect of the Mobile Learning programme.